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I make a lot of different things... Because I just can't settle with only one! :iconheadmassageplz:

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Pascale Kowai Kowia V.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
About my pseudonym:
It's from the Japanese words "kowai" which means "scary" and "usagi" which means "rabbit" (Referring to my birth year; 1987).

Kind of people I like: Those who don't take themselves too seriously
Kind of people I dislike: Hypocrites

Stock account: :iconkowia:

For those who might get interested in my music, you can listen to it there:

And my writing works can also be seen at:
:bulletblack: FictionPress :bulletblack:



Commissioner list :


I moved to Sweden with my boyfriend one year ago and am currently stuck in Swedish-learning school, which means I can't really look for a job in the meantime. So, as I would like to be a bit independent economically, I decided to open commissions.
So here you have the reasons for me starting taking up commissions.

If you are interested, send me a NOTE.
Also, while my main offer is for chibis, if you would like me to try out something else, feel free to ask, I won't bite.
My main tools of the trade are a Wacom Pen&Touch Medium, Photoshop, Manga Studio EX, mechanical and colored pencils and Staedler liners.

Thank you for your consideration. :thanks:
~ Kowai

PS: While I was supposed to take payments in Swedish Crowns (SEK) at first, it happens Paypal is not so comprehensive and doesn't let me link both my French bank account and my Swedish one... So much for the SEPA... But I found a way to make that work another way. So the prices are now in Euros.

Signal Boost!
These people also offer commissions:
Commissions Are Open! =D *Temporary Price Drop*
My family is going through some financial issues right now, so I'm doing some cheaper commissions. My goal right now is to get 50 commissions. =D
{Currently Working On}
{The Queue}
Sketches: Black & White/Monochrome = $7  Color = $10

Painted Style with No Lines:
Cell-Shaded Style with Lineart:
{Extra Info}
Simple Backgrounds only for now. (flat color with or without gradients and/or patterns)
Let me know ahead of time if you would like the artwork at a specific resolution. =D
{Won't Draw}
Extreme Violence/Gore
Sexual Situations/Fetish Art
{Guidelines & T.o.S.}
To order a commission, send me a note titled "Commission" with the following information:
Type of Art: (sketch, headshot, fullbody, etc)
Headshot CommissionsOpening headshot Commissions~
25$ each. Payment through PayPal only.
To order, note me with your order and reference as well as additional infos you may want to give to me~
No furries though. Animalfeatures okay, but no full-fur-face //D. =v=b
Finished commission:
   Chibi + Flele Commission + Signal Boost
Watercolour chibi
$6 | 480 points
> Full body
> Watercolour
> Can be customised for keychains (printing + shipping not included)
Additional character + $4
Detailed background + $3
Up to 4 characters per slot

FLELE shell
Basic pack : Chibi + Blinking animation (3 frames) + Mouth animation (6 combinations) + Misc notes (4 frames, doesn't have to be musical notes)
$15 | 1200 points
Add outfit : + $3 | 240 points (Applies only to full outfit change)
Extra animation (3-5 frames): + $3 | 240 points
Add misc. item and accessories : + $2 | 160 points (Includes singular clothing articles)
I work only within the limitations of the flele itself. This means:
> No animation within an optional clothing item.
> The overall shape of the shell has to be maintained. (ie. I cannot animate the character as playing the piano if it meant that the shape/silhouette of the flele changes)
  Commissions Temporarily Closed!EDIT 9/25/2014: I can't can't can't thank people enough! A friend offered me a second hand tablet for a good price (Still in very good working condition). I was able to pay off the full amount, thanks to the few of you who helped me.
For now, I'm temporarily closing my commissions so I can practice my hand on the tablet again. Hopefully I'll be able to open commissions soon, with more choices!
Thanks for checking out my commissions page. After some consideration from people, I've made an update to lower my prices for the time being. This is PayPal only though, no points for now. I'm still trying to earn for a new tablet so, help me out a bit?
What I Will Accept:
* Humans/Humanoids (Nekomimi, Merman, anything that is at least 60% human in appearance)
* Male/Female
* Original Characters/Existing Characters
What I Will Not Accept:
* Full-on Furries (Not to be confused with Humanoids)/MLP
* Mature/Pornographic in nature
* Mecha
* Cluttered

Detailed offers:

Pencil sketch: 3€ (EUR) (~5$ USD) for one character. Additional character: +2€. No background.
Ex-Dillar-Pencil by kowai-usagiEx-Fenrir-Pencil by kowai-usagi

Traditional inking: 5€ (EUR) (~6,50$ USD) for one character. Additional character: +2€. No background.
Ex-Dillar-Ink by kowai-usagiEx-Fenrir-Ink by kowai-usagi

Traditional colour: 8€ (EUR) (~10$ USD) for one character. Additional character: +3€. No background.
Ex-Dillar-Color3 by kowai-usagiEx-Fenrir-Color3 by kowai-usagiComission - And then there was this huge by kowai-usagi

Digital lineart: 5€ (EUR) (~6,50$ USD) for one character. Additional character: +2€. No background.
Ex-Dillar-Lineart by kowai-usagiEx-Fenrir-Lineart by kowai-usagi

Digital screentones: 8€ (EUR) (~10$ USD) for one character. Additional character: +3€. Background optional: FREE.
Ex-Dillar-Screentones by kowai-usagiEx-Fenrir-Screentones by kowai-usagi

Digital simple colour: 10€ (EUR) (~12,50$ USD) for one character. Additional character: +4€. Background optional: +1€.
Ex-Dillar-Color1 by kowai-usagiEx-Fenrir-Color1 by kowai-usagiShowByRock!! - Cyan by kowai-usagi

Digital advanced colour: 12€ (EUR) (~15$ USD) for one character. Additional character: +5€. Background optional: +2€.
Ex-Dillar-Color2 by kowai-usagiEx-Fenrir-Color2 by kowai-usagi

NOTE 1: The first price is for one character. The MAX amount of characters is 3.
NOTE 2: The prices in Dollar (USD) are INDICATIVE. You are to send me the money in Euro (EUR); rates can be consulted on websites such as…
NOTE 3: If your design is really REALLY complex, I may charge a little bit more, else, I will simplify your design.

METHODS of payment:
- The commission widget (I will put up an offer specifically for you for the non-existing offers); please mind that this will be more expensive for you as I have to count in DA's charges as well.

NOTE 4: Transaction fees are included in the price so don't pay for them! Currency conversion fees are to your charge (PayPal's change rate can vary between 3% and 4%).
NOTE 5: Do NOT send me points via donation; I can’t transform it back in money so it’s no use for me.


Make sure you know what you’re commissioning; having a look at the examples and at my gallery [HERE] could save you from deception. I will try my best to fill your expectations and to learn from working with you.

I retain the right to turn down any commission. No matter if it keeps up to my policy or not.

You will grant me the use of your character design for the sole and temporary purpose to create the drawing you're commissioning.

I WILL upload the finished picture in my gallery. If for some valid reason, you want me to delay the publishing (birthday/Christmas gift or similar good reason) please state a date I can upload it. Failure to do so will just leave me uploading the picture right away.

You are not to upload the pictures I put up in my gallery in your own or on other forums/websites. For pagedoll use, please use a third party hosting website or hotlink the images directly from my gallery. You are however allowed to color the lineart you commissioned and put the result in your gallery.

You are not to use the commission you requested from me to print merchandising (T-shirt, mugs, prints...).


:bulletblue: What do I do?
- Humanoids (nekomimi, tails…).
- Original characters.
- Clothed or naked character. BUT! I won’t make detailed genitals or sexually explicit material.
- Blood in small amounts.

:bulletblue: What WON’T I do?
- Too much gore.
- Obscene themes.
- Themes that may be used for any form of hate toward a group or ethnicity. In other words; no anti-something/racist themes.
- Fanart. I have personally a strict policy regarding copyright and I don't want to be involved, intended or not, in a copyright infringement with a franchise that doesn't belong to you. Don't try to fool me; I'm an anime geek/otaku and, if I have a doubt, I will ask friends. It excludes however fan-characters for which you created the design; make sure it doesn't look too much alike the official characters of the franchise.

:bulletblue: But I have fanart chibis in my gallery!
Yes, and those are for my sole enjoyment; I make no money out of them.

:bulletblue: Will I send you the original paper sketch?
If you pay me the stamp and envelope; flat sum 2€ (EUR).

:bulletblue: How long will it take me to finish the drawing?
Will depend on my schedule. When I tell you I start on it, expect it to be done within a week.

:bulletblue: How many times will I agree to make changes for free?
ONCE. So if the picture needs changes, be AS PRECISE AS POSSIBLE.

:bulletblue: How many characters will I draw in the same picture?
Two. However, remember that the pricing above is for ONE character only.
I do not offer discounts at the moment.

:bulletblue: How many drawings can you request at once?
Two, for now; they will be priced individually but you can pay them both at once.
This also means that if I am done with your commission, you can ask for a new one but you will be put on queue if waiting list, there is.

:bulletblue: Can you opt out the commissioner list?
Yes, on the condition I haven’t started on your drawing yet.

:bulletblue: How often will I contact you?
It could be daily! I will try to be active to keep you updated, so be ready to be note-spammed! (Not really, but you get what I mean.)

:bulletblue: How do I price the commissions ?
Simply on the time it takes me to achieve them plus the fees Paypal request for the transaction.

:bulletblue: Can you negotiate the price?
Not really, no.

:bulletblue: What currency are you to pay me in?
Euro (EUR).

:bulletblue: When are you to pay me?
Once I note you my paypal informations.
Do NOT pay me before I tell you so.
I WILL ask for payment AFTER MAKING THE FIRST SKETCH (which will have an ugly big watermark on it).
And don’t forget to mention what you pay for when making the payment (see below).

:bulletblue: How do you use paypal?
There is a very nice tutorial [HERE].
I insist on the fact YOU are to pay for the currency conversion fees.
The transaction fees however are included in the price, so do not pay for them!

:bulletblue: Will I return the money?
If for any reason I cannot finish your project, yes, I will return your money. Unless you are willing to wait. In any case, I will contact you.
If you are worried that I may be taking too long on your project, please contact me. I will tell you where I am and if I have not started and you want your money back, it will be returned.
However, once I'm set to finish a project, return will not be possible.

:bulletblue: What about your privacy?
All informations I collect will be solely for the purpose of completing the transactions between you and me. None of them will be shared online or offline unless legal proceedings require me or you to justify said transactions.

Not the kind of stuff you're looking for?
No problem! You can have a look at this group and find something you like:


I tried to be as precise as I could in that FAQ, but if there are questions that are not covered here, feel free to ask! I will add that to the FAQ as well!

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Chubby chibi pencil sketch
Ex-Dillar-Pencil by kowai-usagi Ex-Fenrir-Pencil by kowai-usagi 
See also my journal for payment via paypal.
Chubby chibi digital lineart
Ex-Dillar-Lineart by kowai-usagi Ex-Fenrir-Lineart by kowai-usagi 
See also my journal for payment via paypal.
Chubby chibi digital screentones
Ex-Dillar-Screentones by kowai-usagi Ex-Fenrir-Screentones by kowai-usagi
Background optional.
See also my journal for payment via paypal.


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